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Tips for Discussing Your Criminal History

Tips for Discussing Your Criminal History

  • Be Honest -    Never lie on the application or in the interview. If the company hires you and you have not told them about your convictions and they find out, they can/will fire you because they cannot trust you and may be wondering what else you have lied about. If you have multiple things on your record, mention it, not just the most recent conviction, The employer will  do a background check and see everything on your record. You don't want the employer to think you are not telling the full truth.


  • Take Responsibility- Put time/distance between your conviction date and today's date, e.g.
    • "Five years ago, I made some poor choices."
    • "I was hanging around the wrong group of people."
    • "I was in possession of a controlled substance and my judgment was clouded.


  • What's Different Now?
    • "Through my rehabilitation, I've earned my GED and participated in a variety of programs that helped me to take a deeper look at myself. Also, I have obtained my forklift certification and and I enrolled in a two year manufacturing training program this fall.


  • What have you Learned Since?
    • "I have learned that I can do positive things and have positive outcomes."
    • "Working hard and paying for things is more rewarding than taking things that don't belong to me."
    • "I didn't want to continue down that road and I needed to make some changes.


  • Future –
    • “I would like to use my experience in your warehouse, I am very organized and understand the importance of quality control and maintaining customer satisfaction."
    • "I work well under pressure and will be an effective team member."
    • "I really want to be a part of your team."