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Location Monitoring

Location Monitoring (LM) is a cost-effective alternative to detention. It is a special condition imposed by the Court that requires an individual to remain at home except for certain approved activities such as work, court appearances, religious services, and medical appointments. There are three components of location monitoring: Home Incarceration, Home Detention, and Curfew.

  1. Home Incarceration is the most restrictive, requiring 24-hour lockdown except for medical needs, court appearances, and activities approved by the court.
  2. Home Detention requires the participant to remain at home except for pre-approved absences for employment, education, religious services, treatment, court obligations or any other court approved activities.
  3. Curfew is the least restrictive and requires the participant to remain at home during set periods of the day.

There are a variety of technology options available to conduct LM, which require the installation (equipment being worn) of equipment, others are software based and do not require any additional special equipment other than a smartphone.  There are also methods to alcohol testing via LM technology.  The type of technology used is determined in consultation with the court and the determination by the officer specialist which technology will meet the desired goals.


Officer Responsibilities

  • Screen and determine eligibility for location monitoring. (Serious or repeat offenders and those who previously failed on supervision are not recommended to participate.)
  • Check to make sure clients adhere to their approved schedule.
  • Check monitoring equipment to make sure that it's working and to look for signs of tampering.
  • Respond to any alerts that may indicate a problem.
  • Step in to control and correct noncompliance issues.