Pretrial Services
Pretrial Services Investigations Philosophy

Certain constitutional rights and laws provide the framework for pretrial services. They are as
Pretrial Services Supervision Philosophy

As the component of the federal judiciary responsible for community corrections, the Federal
Probation and Pretrial Services system is fundamentally committed to providing protection to the
public and assisting in the fair administration of justice. While maintaining the presumption of
innocence and working under the guidance of the court, pretrial services seeks to effectively
supervise persons released to its custody and thereby promote public safety, facilitate the judicial
process and reduce unnecessary detention.

Pretrial services is the front door to the federal criminal justice system and has a unique opportunity
to lay the foundation for each defendant’s success, not only during the period of pretrial services
supervision, but even beyond that time. Officers strive to work with each defendant in such a manner
that this contact with the criminal justice system will be his/her last and so prevent the front door
of the system from becoming a revolving door.

While pretrial services has no authority over a defendant beyond the period of pretrial services
supervision, it can help to lay the foundation for success by:
1. Adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics;
2. Employing effective supervision practices; and
3. Creating effective partnerships with other criminal justice components and with the community.